About Our Supplements

Specially-Formulated, Affordable, Natural, and Safe

After more than ten years of research and development in the nutrition field and at the request of his patients, Dr. Grado has selected and formulated a group of supplements in order to better serve his patients. During his international travels, Dr. Grado consulted with physicians and health professionals world-wide to help identify factors, nutrients, and non-synthetic supplements that would be helpful for his patients. 

Grado Supplements have been designed to help you affordably and safely enhance your lifestyle, improve your health, support and stimulate the immune system, complete missing nutrients with natural ingredients, and help to prevent diseases in women, men, and children. 

Manufactured GMP and Organic-Certified Materials for Quality and Freshness  

At Grado Clinic, safety is of the utmost importance. We have partnered with NOW Foods, a leader in the industry for creation of non-synthetic, natural, effective supplement development. Our products are tested each step of the way for contaminants, adulterants, and imperfections. We strive to ensure the freshness of all of our products throughout their shelf life, and our manufacturer is a peanut-free processing facility. We firmly believe that exceptional finished products start with the best quality raw materials; so to ensure this, NOW follows dietary supplement cGMPs, are certified by the NPA, use HACCP systems and electronic MRP for safety, and works with the industry's most trusted and reputable raw material supplier, many of whom are GMP and/or Organic Certified.



Personalized Supplement Advisor

Find the supplements that are right for you with our e-advisor tool, developed by Dr. Grado and his staff of specialists.